Evolve - Can I get some DLC with that?

I hate simply linking to another article, but “Holy DLC breakdown, Batman!” For those of you thinking of picking up Evolve, here’s a breakdown of what you have to look forward to spending your hard earned dollars on, and the best way to do it if you want all of the content.

eh, i dunno if thats much different then other games. you get some pre-order stuff, you get season pass stuff…

does seem like a lot.

I’m looking forward to this game. I most likely won’t get it day one, but will get it eventually. We had a lot of fun with L4D and this looks like it expands on it.

I’m sitting on the pre-order receipt right now and don’t know if I’m going to cash it in today. Tempted as I really want a refreshing shooter to play right now, but don’t know if this would be the right title. Ugh…#firstworldproblems

This game is one of the worst money grab games I’ve seen. Their are monsters in the game that you can’t access unless you pay them extra. No download. Disappointing

are the monsters on disc? my understanding was there are skins but no monsters on the disc when it ships. i recall the DLC monster coming out in spring.

i look at it like destiny. they are just saying that they are going to be supporting to game with new content in the future… doesnt seem any different to me than destiny, cod, or battlefield.

oh. I heard a podcast I believe on Giantbomb where they said it was on the disc, but maybe I’m wrong.

I give them credit on the commercials at least looking appealing.

Not sure of meta critic score but ign gave it a 9.