ESO Thieves Guild DLC

I just "finished’ this DLC up last night. By finish, I mean the main storyline, major side quests and all the skyshards. I’m not sure if I did all the repeatable quests.

I’m still trying to level up my 2 handed great sword so I’m working on PvE. Since I pay for ESO + I get all the DLC. I decided to try this as they bumped up rewards and resource nodes (got a fuck ton of mats).

The story was ok. It wasn’t the greatest in ESO. One of the main issues for me was most of it was required sneaking around or wondering in trespass zones. Which caused you to get a bounty level you’d have to lose. Also, it wouldn’t give you new main story quests until you dinged a Thieves Guild level. Which meant running the repeatable quests over and over. I think that’s my main issue with this DLC. Just give me the damn quests, I don’t care about the skills you earn with the Theives guild skill tree.

If you want to ERP as a thief or liked Splinter Cell style games then give this a try. Otherwise there’s better ways to kill time in ESO.

Thieves guild is the one thing I tend not to do in Elder Scrolls games. Stealth and sneaking in games is not enjoyable to me.

Dark Brotherhood is similar. At least for the daily missions. Seems to be the same layout as TG on main mission layout, but getting that dagger is well worth it. And you get it right away. Im having fun knocking off side contracts and doing Gold Coast daily missions. It’s one of my favorite areas in ESO right now. Good mix of enemies and Minotaurs are fun to kill

What dagger? I was thinking about tackling Dark Brotherhood next. I’m hoping it’s less sneaking around but I assume it won’t.

I need to really work on getting purple and yellow gear.

Dagger of Woe. It allows you to one hit brutally kill people from behind when sneaking. Similar to the ability in Skyrim but a little more dumbed down, and a lot more brutal.

It has a little less sneaking involved depending what you’re doing. But as an assassin its expected. I mainly like the Gold Coast a lot. And the 2 boss fights are fun. I’m currently on the hunt for a full set of Minotaur armor which is really difficult.

This dagger

I just started the Dark Brotherhood DLC. The dagger of woe is pretty fucking awesome. Also made 6k on the first mission stealing everything.

That’s how I’ve been farming my gold. Unlike most of the TG guards, you can kill 90% of the DB lantern Marshalls. Some areas I don’t care if I’m caught because the Fence will buy everything and I take a small hit on the bounty.

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Also, if you come across any Minotaur motifs, I’ll buy them. I’m trying to learn that crafting style.