ESO PvP Night - Cyrodiil - Regulators, Mount Up!

Regulators, Mount up! It’s time to get a squad of fail to roam the battlefields of Cyrodiil and kick some ass. Get your level 10-49 Aldmeri Dominion character ready, get some siege, get some skillz and lets murder some fools. We’ll be forming up around 9 PM EST and will be in ESO Guild voice chat.

Check these videos to understand what you’re getting into
Any interest in running Low Level Cyrodiil? Regulators mount up?

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I set this up as a repeating event for the next month. We’ll see how it goes and if attendance holds.

Next official GRG Cyrodiil night will be 2/8 at 9PM.


Sign up for tonight @ESOPlayers

I’m in

If UNC is getting their ass beat I will jump on.

I’m in and might try to get on a bit earlier.

Remember boys and girls, spend some Alliance Points on some regular Dominion Ballistas, maybe a Stone Treb (not needed but may help) some wood repair kits (for doors) and maybe a Fire ballista if we need to defend).

We’ll work accordingly depending on the amount that shows. We’ll attack keeps if we have a decent sized group. Otherwise, we’ll tag team with another zerg or go up north and hit some resource nodes (lumber, mine and farm).

We’ll also run into a few delves along the way. Killing a Delve boss will give you a 50% buff for Alliance Points. Everyone just light attack the boss to get a hit in.

I’m in. (you can just stop reading here)

I got my Betty Netch last night and by the end of the night I had a rotation down that lets me constantly cycle through mana pretty reliably. Not sure how well it will work with that massive ass siege shield eating up magica, but I have high hopes that I can quickly recover just about any magica I use at this point.
I loaded up with 5 pieces of the Withered Hand armor set for magica and magica regen boosts. I started trying to farm for 5 pieces of the Wyrd Tree Blessing set in Glenumbra, but I couldn’t find what I needed last night. Maybe this weekend.
Still all in all, I think I’m ready to throw the heals and resistance buffs.
@axess2084 and I were able to get his toon up to 10 last night, so maybe we’ll have another member in to join up.

Yes! It was a lot of fun! I got some decent sleep last night. So, I should be a bit more ‘with it’ tonight for the shindig!

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Only use that if they are dropping oil on our ram. Otherwise, don’t waste magicka on that skill.

I’m glad you said that. I was gonna slot that on my main bar. I’ll move that to the secondary with Rapid Maneuvers. That’ll let me slot the betty netch on my primary and speed up my mana cycling a little bit.

I’ll be on pubg but I’ll switch over around 9 if that’s when everyone’s getting on ESO

Poor @Lala_Calamari … every time Mick sings
"You better Stop! Look Around. Here it comes, your 19th nervous breakdown"
I thought… yep… that’s gonna be LaLa’s night …

But he’s a special breed of rugged American ingenuity.
Only someone like him could do something like this:

Our fearless leader…


We had a good sized group out. @axess2084 @ezekielJP @ixL0N3W0LFxi @FouR187 @deSoldier2001 @Rigonn @valiantvictory

Next time we need to focus on getting things done quicker. Grouping up, laying seige, etc.


…and apparently a non-memorable performance by myself


lol. I fixed it.

its all good…just normal GRG love :rofl:

We had a better overall outing this time, minus that attempted siege of Gladesmist. The NPC guards was what slowed us down from sieging faster.

now that I know what’s going on I’ll be able to preform better. For now I’m just a lost potato


Mount up for tonight!

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