ESO pledges 4/26

@ESOPlayers anyone interested in doing undaunted pledges tonight?

I am down for some pledges / dungeons.

The only pledge I ever wanted to do was Pledge of Mara but Lala shunned me.

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Rightfully so as you are never on. That would of been wasted.

Maybe it’s because we didn’t get married…

I’m down.
I’d like to run my Templar healer for a while. Dungeons sound like fun.

do i need to be 50?

No, but the lower the level, the more limited you are on what dungeons you’ll have unlocked

I may be on. Depends how the night goes. 2am comes early. I’ll hit you up if I make it

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Sounds good…I’ll be online around 9 est.

Im down, can run any of my toons. Either NB or Warden. Tryina level up the Warden thats 20 but I also do wanna get my NB to atleast 160 CP. So im in for whichever. IF @Zigography doesnt log for some Paladins.

(@Lala_Calamari dusted off Paladins and the new changes are very nice, new heroes even better.)

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