ESO - Now you can buy Skyshards

They just introduced Skyshard purchases to the game. I guess if you want to pay to unlock skills for an alt this isn’t a bad option. The prices are for one character only and are about 50 crowns per shard. Personally, I enjoy Skyshard hunting so I’ll pass for the most part. I may break down and buy the opposing faction’s shards in Cyrodiil and and maybe the Imperial city ones. They can be hard to get, especially if your faction isn’t pushed into enemy territory.

The rest I’ll just farm.


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You need to have unlocked the Skyshard achievement on a character for a location you want to purchase. If you never found all the skyshards for a specific zone you will not be able to purchase them. This is meant solely as a way to power level up Alts.

I was looking at getting the few from other factions areas in Cyrodiil.