ESO goes to Skyrim!

The next DLC for ESO will be in Skyrim! They teased us with this cinematic trailer at the 2019 Game Awards. Look for more info at the Global Reveal event this January 16th. Looks like I’ll make my yearly ESO pilgrimage this summer.


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trailers for this game are great. Shame i just cant get into it.

That’s a shame as it’s probably the best questing MMO out there. Dungeons are great as well.

My only issues is the lack of a global auction house and how all classes seem to be the same.

Guess I’m gonna get back into this

ESO handles the Expansions very well and they all have been excellent. Morrowind being my favorite but Summerset and Elswyer are just as good. Lots of content, great story and plenty to keep you busy.