ESO Celebrates its Two Year Anniversary with Cake and XP Buffs

Despite what sinister, spherical robots may have led you to believe, the cake is not a lie. Well, not this one anyway. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is coming up on its second anniversary, and it wants to provide the cake for its own party. Chef Donolon, maker of excellent desserts, is arriving in Tamriel this week with a recipe for a new Jubilee Cake. Bring him a voucher to receive some in-game cake and you’ll get double XP. Here are all the pertinent details:

The event will begin at 7:30pm EDT on April 3, and conclude at 7pm EDT on April 10. Everyone will be able to participate, regardless of platform or megaserver.

When you first log in, you’ll be presented with an announcement screen informing you of a free voucher for a cake in the Crown Store.

Once you open the Crown Store and retrieve the voucher, your quest – Ache For Cake – will begin.

After the quest is complete, you’ll receive your reward – a Jubilee Cake, which will be placed in your Mementos collection.

You and anyone in your group will be able to enjoy the cake and receive a 100% XP buff. This buff stacks with all other XP buffs!

Once the week is over, you’ll retain the cake as a special keepsake but its magic will be gone.

Celebrate with the birthday boys and girls of Zenimax all week long starting tomorrow.

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A bunch of us were talking about firing up ESO again. We’re a bit bored right now.

Screw you.

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I may start a new toon. I have a 16 and an 8 but I really am not happy with their build and how they play.

My guy is 45, but they reset all his skills. Now I need to find a good bull to run.

Yeah I have an 8 and a 15 but don’t like how they are built. Noticed after a little bit my skills were reset.

I have more of a power guy and would rather a Mage like to hit from a distance.

I have a 45 Sorcerer. Just signed on last night and all skills and traits were reset. Going to have to find a decent build.

Hook a brother up! I know I have a destro and restro staff. A mix of armor but that’s it. Also would like a build that can work in Cyrodiil.

ESO is confusing to me with classes since everyone can pretty much use everything. It’s not traditional.

Thinking out loud, but we can also do a lowbie night. Were we all have new characters and group up. Try to all stay in the same range. Although game takes 8 years to max level.

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How long do you think this fad will last? I must say I am surprised some of y’all are getting back into it

About a week, 2 tops.

Actually, I’m really not sure but I’m looking for a MMO to dick around with a couple of nights per week. The Division isn’t grabbing me like I had hoped for. And other than Halo, I’m not really doing much on my console. We have Overwatch / Battleborn coming up and that’s really it until the fall.

I agree. Pretty lackluster stuff out there. And I’m not sure that I’m interested in overwatch or battle born just yet. Really haven’t looked into them much as I’m overall pretty burned out on gaming these days. Shame.

I have just been wanting some mmo action.

FTFY. We don’t judge around here.

Only dudes who make duck faces while wearing big sombreros.

Really want to make that new toon but leveling takes forever.

I may be in as my toon is low level, around 10 or so. I would only be on this week as next I’m on vacation.

I currently have a 16 and a 8 but may start a new one.

Really need a working build right for my level 43 sorc. Paging @deSoldier2001

Also, what’s the deal with the 3 DLCs. Are they required?

3 dlc are imperial city, thieves guild, wrothgar one. If your just screwing around you don’t need any of them.

If ya’ll see me on send group invite, I don’t really use guild chat anymore since no one plays.

I ate the cake so all is well.

For once I will give credit to @Lala_Calamari for telling me this. If you are playing this week and get the cake, the double xp lasts for 2 hours. Then you have to eat another piece of cake (in your inventory) to continue getting it.