Escape from Tarkov

I recently purchased a copy of Escape from Tarkov, from heron referred to as EFT. I have only gotten to play a match or two, since I don’t have a proper graphics card. But I want to know is it worth it?
I would think for the people who like survival FPS games it would be a no brainer. But I haven’t gotten a proper run of the game yet. I wanted to know what everyone else’s opinion of EFT and if it was worth the $50 spent of it. Hopefully I will be able to play it soon.

Hi there, I play EFT fairly often. My current specs are as follows: Intel i5-6500 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU, and 16Gb DDR4 RAM. With these components, I can run the game on low at around 50fps on larger maps like Customs and Shoreline. I can tweak the settings to get high texture quality at around 35-40fps on the larger maps.
Is EFT worth the cost? It really depends on you. I enjoy the hardcore realism of the combat. I also enjoy looter types of games. There comes a point when playing the game where you just kinda “get it.” You will die, you will lose everything, but you’re gonna learn from it and eventually have fun in the process. You’ll live for that good raid where you come out on top. Playing with friends makes the game abit easier as well. I bought the $150 Edge of Darkness Edition, as the bonuses are super juicy, and I really wanted to support the development of the game.
All in all, EFT is one of those personal choices game where you have to decide if you’re willing to spend the time leaning the game and “getting it.”

I’ve always been interested in this game. Haven’t played it yet though.

I’d wait for the open beta, PeeJ. The buy in is pretty pricy for skeptics.

Thanks for all your feedback. I just got a cheap MSI N750 gpu and I’m actually able to play the game, tho rather poorly. But I have been able to enjoy the game a bit so far. Tho I haven’t actually gone out in a raid yet with some decent gear. Hopefully one day I’ll get some friends on and have a good time.

How many actually have this game? I’m interested in playing it to give it a go. Would prefer not to run around solo though lol @PCGamers

Is there any other reason you don’t really like it? I’m debating whether or not to try it, but the fact it’s $44 for the cheapest version is a little off putting for me.