End of an era, Warzone 1.0 UNINSTALLED!

I’ve played my last games of Warzone last night. After we wrapped up I happily hit the Uninstall All button and removed about 160 GBs of turd off my XBox.

While it was uninstalling I thought about how much I used to love the game mode. Warzone 1.0 was a much different game when it launched compared to what we have now. It was a slower, methodical game. Snipers were a thing along with combat at a distance. Loadouts came later in the game so ground loot weapons mattered.

Compare that to the current state of the game. It’s a hyper fast twitch fest. Slide canceling, Rose skin (and Rose skin 2.0), ultra-fast TTK weapons all make for interactions where you can’t even react. It comes down to who sees who first. I’m worried this is the preferred style and WZ 2.0 will follow suit. I hope not.

Finally, I could never get into the Caldera map. Sure Verdansk had issues with it’s copy / paste buildings but it never felt like a chore to cross the map. I feel like I’m climbing Mount Everest every time I play on Caldera. Always going up hill. All the big Points of Interest where on the edge of the map with the middle being so vacant. I’m so glad to never set foot in Caldera again.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to MW2 MP, DMZ and Warzone 2.0. I’m hoping we see a slower paced game than what Vanguard was. I have no real clue what DMZ will offer, I can’t wait for it’s reveal. Also looking forward to some GRG Customs Game nights if the custom lobby works like it did for MW1. Stay tuned for those.

So peace out Warzone 1.0 and Caldera.