Electronic Arts to Decide Fate of Anthem Game This Week

I am going to prepare myself for the final demise. EA doesn’t invest in dead things.

This week, EA executives will review the latest version of Anthem Next and decide whether to expand the team or abandon the project, said the people, who asked not to be named discussing private information. The Anthem Next team includes about 30 people, BioWare said last year. People familiar with the project said it will need to expand to at least triple that in order to produce new content and continue attempting to overhaul the game. EA has not yet indicated whether it’s willing to commit that kind of budget to revive a maligned game.

A spokesman for EA said the company doesn’t comment on “rumor and speculation.”

Anthem Next includes major changes to the game’s core systems and user interface, the people said. It’s not clear if or when these changes will be implemented in the version that’s currently available to players.

Well I guess it was inevitable but I had hoped they’d pull through, while not final its almost a given they’ll scrap it unfortunately

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Still can’t believe this disaster of a game. Was so hyped for it.

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This was a topic on Episode 149 of the ReaperCast (set to come out tomorrow).

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