Elder Scrolls Online

Started playing this again recently. Hadn’t played in so long it had reset all my skill points. Been sorting all that out and getting things in order. Been running some dungeons with a few other guys (Tengu, Redapple, H D) and having a lot of fun. I know most of you are probably jumping on the Borderlands bandwagon but if anybody is looking for something to do, hop on with us. I will be on tonight (Friday) but won’t be back on until Sunday night. Son has a baseball tournament out of town this weekend.

I still play but mostly PvP in Cyrodiil. With that said, I desperately need to run a few dungeons. One vet dungeon to get a monster helm I really need for my DragonKnight. I need blood spawn helm and shoulders.

I know one guy I have been playing with H D 1450cc can do vet dungeons. He has 9 max level characters. I am only cp 203. I would get melted in vet dungeons.

Why? Gear goes up to CP160. Do you need some gear? I can craft most anything except nirhoned traits. I’m going to have to hit up some hardcore players to craft some basic nirhoned so I can research them.

This is what I need for the helm which only drops in the vet dungeon. The shoulders can be found here as well or in an undaunted chest.


I also can’t do any jewellery as I haven’t really researched that. Kind of out of skill points on the sorc.

What class are you and what are you trying to do? If you need some gear I’m sure I have the mats to create it. With ESO+ I horde everything.

I have a templar and a sorceror that are my highest. Started a warden that I am really enjoying at the moment. Really haven’t researched what in the world I should be wearing yet. I get one ranked up and I start another build. Need to worry about getting a character built right I guess.

Looks like Kagrenac’s Hope for the chest, pants, hands and both staffs. Can you make any of that? Need Sanctuary gear for most of the rest of my gear. Guess that comes from a dungeon.

Not sure. I may not since I have to have completed the Fighter’s Guild quest line. I’ll have to see. I’m assuming it is more for a PvE build. What class? And DPS, Tank or Heal?

That is for a templar heal. How about Law of Julianos for my sorcerer?

Looks like Law of Julianos for the Templar also according to one build I am looking at. Magnus’ Gift for the head, shoulders and weapons.

It’s a typical crafted set for magicka. I can create it. Either armor or weapons. You need 5 for the set peice bonuses.

Light, medium or heavy? I only have enough cloth (or leather, metal) to do one set.

It’s 160 ancestor silk per item. Also, what trait? Divine?

I’ll have to hop into your party next time your on to talk about this

Are you looking at this for your sorc?

Gear Set Weight Trait Enchantment
Chest Law of Julianos Heavy Divine Magicka
Belt Law of Julianos Light Divine Magicka
Shoes Law of Julianos Light Divine Magicka
Pants Law of Julianos Medium Divine Magicka
Hands Law of Julianos Light Divine Magicka
Head Magnus’ Gift Light Divine Magicka
Shoulder Magnus’ Gift Light Divine Magicka
Necklace Willpower Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage
Ring Willpower Jewelry Healthy Spell Damage
Ring Willpower Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery
Weapon 1 Magnus’ Gift Fire Precise Fire Enchant
Weapon 2 Magnus’ Gift Fire Infused Weapon Damage Enchant

Just like WoW nerds


Lol I wish I had time for it dont worry