Elder Scrolls Online To be released Soon?


Rumor: The Elder Scrolls Online console version may be close

Let’s just start with the disclaimers, for those who have forgotten: Online retailers do not necessarily know the date of releases any more than you do. They just enter a future date for preorders and go. Amazon’s release date for the console launch of The Elder Scrolls Online is still December 31st, 2015, which isn’t a prediction so much as a way of keeping it in the system for this year. But Microsoft’s listing of the game for Xbox One on February 24th, 2015, does merit at least a little attention.

While the MS store has already changed the date from Feb 24th 2015 to just 2015, I wonder if we’ll see this soon? I also wonder how they’ll handle pricing? Will it be a subscription based MMO? Or a buy to play (Like Guild Wars 2) MMO? I’d check it out of if it was a B2P title.

Also have the game but haven’t played it in a long time since I dropped the sub.

It won’t be fully free-to-play—you’ll still have to purchase the game if you want in—but once you own it, you’ll be able to play online to your heart’s content, with full access to all previously-released updates and content, including the new Champion and Justice systems. Those who already own The Elder Scrolls Online will need to do nothing, as all existing accounts will be automatically updated to the new version.

Dedicated fans will have the option of ponying up for “ESO Plus” memberships. Available in 30, 90, and 180-day durations, these will offer access to all future DLC, which Bethesda said will consist of “game packs with optional adventure content,” like zones and quests. Access to these optional areas will be lost if and when your membership expires, but any items or rewards earned from those areas will be kept.

ESO Plus memberships will also provide “character progression bonuses,” and an allotment of crowns, the new in-game currency that will be used to purchase “convenience and customization items” like pets and mounts, as well as the aforementioned DLC, which will be available separately from ESO Plus memberships on an a-la-carte basis.

I’ll be curious to see how that works. Looks like you’ll still have to purchase content and I’m not sure how often they release content. That’s where Guild Wars 2 really excels. You buy the game and never have to purchase anything again. It’s not Pay2Win, it’s not Pay2getcontent. It’s all convenience items and skins. If you’re looking for a quality PC MMO, get GW2. It’s my favorite MMO yet.

As for TESO, I’ll absolutely get this for the XB1. Fuck it. I’m dying to try out the huge World vs World PvP. Having no Subscription makes this really a no brainer.

I’ll likely get this now, although I’ll wait until the console release as well. Probably won’t get the ESO Plus sub.

According to IGN, ESO will release on XB1/PS4 June 9th

Fuck. Why not now?

And I never get announcing you are going free to play but not until March. How many would keep the sub for the next month then.

I want to try this out. We need to get a guild going

Played awhile on PC. Will get it for X1 I just hope that we can still transfer our characters and get a discount on the console.

For $20 I am in also. I just reinstalled TESO just to check it out and see what the cash store was like.

Nice. That’s good for those that have been playing on PC. I’m still thinking about getting it when it comes out for XB1.

I didn’t play it on the PC but I might pick it up for the Xbox if people will be playing it.