Elden Ring Thoughts

Hello, I decided to write up a few thoughts on Elden Ring that can be mentioned in the reaper cast if so desired.

What is it?
Elden Ring is an open world Soulsborne title from Fromsoft Featuring their iconic level design and challenging combat.

Is it good?
Yes, it’s very good. It’s probably one of the best games I’ve played.

Should you play it?

Elden Ring has been receiving rave reviews from critics, and for good reason, it’s an amazing game. However, it’s not a game for everyone. It has challenging combat that takes time and patience to learn, which is probably the greatest barrier to entry. Since it’s such a large part of it, if you don’t enjoy it, I don’t think you’ll enjoy the game.

The Good
Challenging Combat and Rewarding Exploration are the highlights for me.

There are ways to reduce this challenge, farming runes to over level yourself, looking up guides to find the best equipment, which is fine if that’s what you enjoy. Personally, that takes some of the magic out of it for me. The best thing about this game to me is the exploration. It is a very large world that encourages exploration to check every nook and cranny because your next favorite weapon might be tucked away just around the corner.

The Bad
Challenging Combat - Again, this is the biggest barrier to entry with these games. It takes time and patience, and can’t be approached like your typical hack and slash ARPG.

The multiplayer aspect is not user friendly. It’s more designed to help someone when they’re stuck. It’s not the best for joining up with a friend to explore the world. Most items can only be picked up by the Host player, horses can’t be used when in co-op, and the session ends when a boss is killed.

Performance on PC - I can’t personally attest to this, but I have heard of numerous frame rate drops on PC, my experience on a Series X in frame rate mode has not noticed any issues however.

If you have any further questions, hit me up in Discord @Romach, we also have an Elden Ring thread in the Shiny Penny Games channel. I’m willing to help out anyone when I can (on Xbox) just hit me up and I can come kill some bosses with you, give some tips, etc. If you’re still on the fence and unsure if you want to get into it. See if you can get a copy of Dark Souls cheap somewhere, as the combat is very similar. I can provide help with those as well if needed.

Happy Gaming!

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