Early Release Potato Party for Modern Warfare

For those that pre-ordered the digital version, we get to play it Thursday night at 9pm est.  Let’s get on and show the world what we can’t do.

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/early-release-potato-party-for-modern-warfare/

I will be on and plan to die and team kill like a true GRG member.

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No team killing in core, you animal…I’m pretty sure we’ll be starting with just core.

This means that Lala will have to wait a few days before he can team kill me .:rofl::laughing::sunglasses:

I will be on…but I think we should start with hardcore, so Lala can team kill, and then we will all ambush his ass and make him want to uninstall the game! Lol!

Damnit I got the stupid game I’ll be in for this

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I’ll be on with sarcastic comments and barely contained rage

I’ll be on for rage, drinking and who can come up with the most creative rage moment

I cant wait to watch the servers blow up tonight and bone of us can play

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Well, at lease some of us got on before 11.

I was asleep or I would of

Yep! Your the one who jinx our asses! Lol!

Dont blame me, blame Activision they are the devil’s. Plus this happens literally every game launch