EA Might Discount Star Wars: Battlefront 2 When The Last Jedi Comes Out

You can expect Electronic Arts to discount Star Wars: Battlefront II at around the time Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theatres, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen says. The thinking is that interest in the new movie will elevate the profile of Star Wars overall, and with a lower price point, that could help Battlefront II sell a ton of copies.

During EA’s earnings briefing this week, Jorgensen pointed out that the company did this for 2015’s Battlefront, discounting the game to piggyback on the hype surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It seems like that worked, as Battlefront shipped more than 14 million copies, becoming one of the most commercially successful Star Wars games ever.

Jorgensen added that you might also see discounts on Battlefront II during Thanksgiving/Black Friday and Christmas. Oftentimes when games get discounted so soon after release, that’s because they are performing poorly in the market. But Jorgensen said you shouldn’t look at Battlefront II discounting this way necessarily.

“That’s the way the games business always has worked. And so if you see the title on discount, don’t read anything into that other than the fact that, that’s the way you sell games in the holidays,” he said

In other words, they expect to get trounced by 1) COD WWII and 2) horrible press over the loot crates.