Dwarf Fortress Coming to Steam!

For all you n00bs who can’t handle the original ascii art or installing tile-sets, the most intricate game of all time is coming to Steam and getting native artwork. The original ascii, with all the mods and tile-sets, will always remain free and updated.

If you like Rimworld, Prison Architect, Minecraft, Terraria, etc., you need to try Dwarf Fortress-which inspired them all, and which none have ever come close to matching. The Tarn brothers have continually updated this game and lived solely off donations. They are a breath of fresh air in the current toxic gaming climate of early access, loot boxes, season passes, platinum editions, games as live services, blah blah blah blah.


Once this drops and is in a state where it won’t burn people’s delicate eyeballs, would anyone be up for a GRG succession fort?

For those who are new to DF or are otherwise unaware, this is a singleplayer game. The playerbase has a long tradition of doing hotseat-style multiplayer where one person plays for an in-game year and then zips up the save and fires it off to the next person in line.

If you want to lose many hours of life, two must-reads are Boatmurdered and Nist Akath. The latter isn’t a succession fort - one guy played the whole time and named dwarves after readers.

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I’ve heard of this but never played before.
I’ll give it a shot before I commit to an MP game but I like the idea of long turn based, helps with my timezone and all.

Well it’s not MP in a strict sense. What @kaulesh is talking about is sharing save files of single player games. What’s cool about Dwarf Fortress is you have two modes: fortress and adventure. So someone could create a world and start a fortress. Then they share that save file and the next player could do adventure mode, which is a single player rpg in the world that was generated, and pull something cheeky like finding an evil magic book and plopping it in the fortress’ library. The third player to get the save file could be in for a nasty surprise if they continue the fortress game play and one of the dwarves gets possessed and starts murder fucking everyone with dark magic.

Is that new? Last I played, you couldn’t swap to adventure mode without full-on abandoning your fortress.

You can retire your fortress and return to it at any time now.

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