Drunken Friday Night Battlefield 1 3/3

Join GRG for a night of drinking and killing on the Battlefield. The alcohol won’t consume itself. Parties will start forming around 9PM EST. (Embiid Standard Time).

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I will need someone to start the room / party and rally the troops. I’ll be watching an Embiid-less Sixers, crying into my beer thinking of the ticket prices.

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I’ll try to jump on for a few games. Drunk and red eyed.

Bump and Reminder about this. Squad up and start a party. I may be on after I get home from the Sixers game (if I don’t hang myself from boredom, Sixers vs the Knicks. Who cares?).

No Embiid… what will you do @Lala_Calamari

Pout as I remember what I paid for the tickets from stub hub.

Good games all @BattlefieldPlayers. We had a ton on tonight. Unfortunately I suck at keeping track of who was on. I should be fired.

Anyway we did have a few squads running. Good times!

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You put in a half-assed effort. In grg terms that deserves a promotion. Community leader status renewed.


BTW, I was late due to watching the Sixers beat the Knicks. I’m not sure how we had SOOO many Knicks fans in our stadium or why they have to be obnoxious douches. I was just glad to see the look on their faces when their team lost.

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Damn…never saw this thread. Will have to catch you lushes next Friday.

P.S. Philly is infamous for having some of the worst fans in all of sports…but that’s none of my business.

Promoted for mocking the fine Philly fans of GRG.

Lazy media. We can look up all the wonderful sports fans of any city.

But that’s ok, we’ll keep hearing about an incident that happened 50 years ago. Most people even get that story wrong.

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Should we pick an event from this list?