Drunken Friday Night Battlefield 1 3/17


Join GRG for a night of drinking and killing on the Battlefield. The alcohol won’t consume itself. Parties will start forming around 9PM EST. (Embiid Standard Time).

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@BattlefieldPlayers Bumping to remind everyone we’ll be running a BF1 room tonight. I should be on around 9 PM EST to start a room. We can do the new maps on conquests (since everyone whines about frontlines).

I plan to be on, maybe a little earlier- I would like to try frontlines again to be honest.
New maps on conquest are pretty awesome BTW.

I enjoy Frontlines. It’s a tough battle to get a win.

I did call DICE and asked them to buff the Blueberries. They need to make them gooder.


Will be on, maybe even a little early

Don’t know how much I will be on this weekend I have my daughter.

Anyone else trying to get this medal? I think I have only a day or 2 left to complete it. If you’re down for some operations on Devil’s Anvil lemme know a good time. I’m available before of after drunk night and pretty much any time tomorrow after 2pm. CST.

Im In for some more BF1

Another full party. That fucking last game, 75 minutes long. Holy shit, I think I’m done with Frontlines.

And what about those fucking blueberries at the beginning of the night. Those guys were rough, oh wait. It was all GRG. GG @Azalin4savioR.

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2 or 3 guys out of 16. It was. 90% of your team was GRG.

That last game was a bit much. Gonna have to do some tweaking to this game mode.

I will try to get this medal with you if you’re going to be around tonight

Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier. Had a busy day of fights to watch! I actually completed it last night but I’ll still play if you or anyone else is working on it.