Division Loot Grind / LFG

@DivisionPlayers. I’m looking to group up tonight to farm some gear and run some group stuff. Nothing really planned, so I’ll do whatever.

Wouldn’t mind doing some level 3+ checkpoints to get some blueprints. Or I’ll run some people through missions if they’re behind. I’m open to whatever. I’ll start an XBox party tonight. Just hop on in.

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One thing I want to do is unlock Cassie Mendoza this week. She has a a few god roll items that I’d like to get to at least add to my recalibration library.

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I’ll be on possibly for this I need the loots

You can count me in, I need all kind of loots.

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Ran through the final mission twice tonight. Once for @SoulessGrimm and once for @trcannon (AKA Giddy). It was a lot tougher for Giddy’s run as @LudwigVonTokkenTakke (AKA RuttedClown) joined making it a foursome and the game really ramps up the difficulty setting with 4 players.

Then we ran some clan bounties and @SoulessGrimm learned first hand what it’s like leading a bunch of headless chickens. Herding cats is easier than getting GRG to follow you to a bounty.


For fucks sake it was a nightmare lol but had fun

Yeah, I got distracted at the end trying to get the Union game to stream on my laptop. Watched it from my PC instead. Great game vs LAFC, 3-3 tie. Very exciting as it was just non stop action.

I’m new…

Excuses excuses, like collecting a bunch of chickens you all were everywhere lol

Is your favorite number purple as well?

Nope…Pink… My favorite color is UPNU…aka…up in you…

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