Division Dark Zone Dive 4/16

Looking for Agents willing to spend time in the Dark Zone. Lets get a few GRG squads out there and go Rogue on some sorry asses. After all there’s loot to be had!


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I’ll be looking for a squad to run around the Dark Zone tonight. I’ll kick off an XBox party, hop on in if interested.

Can anyone run a PC and PS4 group? Gracias!


I can run a PC group, but I haven’t had a chance to hit Level 30 yet, so I only have two DZs opened.


I would run the PS4 side but just got a free ticket to see Godsmack and Volbeat tonight so I wont be on.

@TwistedGunsmith @GreyJedi @SourSmokE89 one of you want to kick a party off? Any other @PS4Players?

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I will be on the xbox side. I need morphine, mers, and whatever other currency the thieves den guy takes so I can start trading with him. Also, it’s been a stressful week and killing some Timmy’s would make me feel better.


If none of them are on i might be around. Depending on if there is anyone around. Otherwise its farming runs for me and going to tier 3.

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Aww you lucky duck i almost got to see volbeat at rocklahoma 2015 but it got rained out right before the show and i can host the lobby havent been around lately due to my gf pregnancy issues but it be nice to catch up with everyone and screw some people over on drops

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Did you go to the dark side and abandon me? You filthy whore.




@brokain learned a valuable Lala Dark Zone lesson tonight (same lesson applies to Battle Royale Games). I will ALWAYS shoot at people. Or go Rogue. Just be consider yourself rogue 100% of the time and be prepared to fight. :laughing:

Ask @quantumklutz @ReaperMan10 and @shortbus. They are well aware. I have no self control, I just have to shoot.

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It would actually be easier if we were rogue all the time instead of getting the message “a member of your squad has gone rogue” when I’m in the open right next to someone else. Or maybe if one of our teammates wasn’t hiding half the map away.


Absolutely no self-control. Zero chill on @Lala_Calamari.

Yes, I whored myself out to the Darkside and have the game on both platforms. Did you get any good Lootz?


Yeah, no shit. “but mah loot”. That shit drives me crazy.


I didn’t go through my stuff yet. The Dark Zone is weird, it’s mostly normal drops not too many contaminated drops.


@Lala_Calamari - I wish I could figure out where the best gear was clean or contaminated. Are the Supply Drops always contaminated now? They used to be clean in the first game. The Landmark chests seem to be 80% clean and the rare dirty Gold item. I’m having more fun stealing chests, Thieves’ Den and have yet to see a full server. Lots of solo folks.


We had a few skirmishes last night. It was the first time I’ve seen people in the dark zone.

I’m assuming contaminated items would be better but who knows. I still need to figure out gear and how to get about 500.

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