Division 2 Builds

Got a favorite build, or working on building one your self? Post it up and discuss builds here.

I am currently working on a LMG PvP build from Widdz. Works real well in PvE as well.

This is an AR PvE build I am also working on from him

He’s videos are really in depth with the numbers and reasons for picking certain mods and stats.


Guess I’m going to have to start farming to get raid ready.


I would farm for pieces but I’d wait and see what the final nerfs and bluffs are from world update 3 that is coming


I’m still sitting on my Chatterbox build. I have all the pieces (had them since WT4) but never got around to building it.

I’m holding onto so much gear and waiting for the update it’s an inventory nightmare at the moment.

I have a decent AR/SMG build for both PVE and PVP I’m working on a skill build using LMG/SMG that is probably better suited for PVE.

@GreyJedi has a pretty wicked skill build using seekers that hits pretty hard with a low cooldown

I am running 2 builds one is a high damage to elites AR/chatterbox build. And the other is a 5/7/7 unstoppable force/ on the ropes build that hits hard. I am working on a safegard/unbreakable build but cant get the chest piece I need

Waiting on the new gear sets I really like that tip of the spear set. Actually makes pulse useful