Division 1, 2 and Warlords of New York Map Size compared

Not too shabby for a $30 expansion. Would of liked a new Dark Zone instead of the micro ones in D2.

Played a little last night. I think they made things a little harder. Now you have to work to accomplish things.

What do you mean by that? I know the world bosses / section bosses are a pain in the ass. Fought Vivian Conley to unlock the Sticky bomb and it took forever. Maybe she has a weakness I didn’t understand, I don’t know.

Boss fights seem harder. Maybe I just had an off day yesterday.

I had fun with Theo’s boss fight, Kajita or whatever his name is, was annoying because of those shock traps everywhere. Haven’t had a real chance to do Vivian or James yet.

I must of been off as well. Yeah, they are tough. Usually I try to solo the story mode but think I may forgo that for the remaining fights. It took forever to kill the one boss.

Honestly, Theo is a cake walk compared to Vivian and Kajita is not too bad, only annoying part is his shock traps which aren’t all bad. Dragov is the only one I don’t know yet, considering he’s the last one I have to go after now.

Though, you’re always welcome to join me if you catch me online. I’m usually just chilling with Beer and Tam so we usually have room.

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No shit about that. Cleared that section of the map tonight. He was pretty easy and the waves of enemies weren’t crazy. I must of been fighting Vivian wrong or not understanding a mechanic to kill her.

Honestly, I think Vivian was the only boss I had any major issues with. Dragov was a close second but, long as you kept moving, it was fine. Theo and Kajita were fun bosses as well. Now its time to hit 40 and put a bullet in Keener once and for all.