Dirt 5 will have 13 different car types and "more game modes than any previous iteration"

Codemasters has dropped a new trailer for its next entry into the Dirt series, Dirt 5. The video highlights a bunch of new features coming to the game, including new locations, car types and game modes.

According to Codemasters, Dirt 5 will feature ten new locations ranging from the lush tropics of Brazil to the mountainous landscape of Morocco and beyond. In terms of cars, there are 13 different car classes to choose from including 900bhp sprint cars, rock bouncers and, of course, traditional and modern-day rally vehicles. Codemasters says that players will be able to find something that suits their driving style and “mastering front, rear and 4WD cars will prove invaluable”.

Dirt 5 will also feature more game modes than any previous entry into the Dirt series. Landrush is a circuit-based mode with rough terrain and weather/track conditions changing up at a moments notice. Rally Raid is a point to point race with split routes for extreme off-road vehicles. In Ice Breaker players take to short circuits entirely on ice with drifting being crucial to success. Stampede is a mode where the layout is unmarked and played out on hard, unforgiving natural landscapes. Pathfinder is a new game mode where controlled speed and strategy are called for as players are tasked with attempting hardcore off-road terrain. Sprint is for 900bhp vehicle played out on circular tracks, and Ultra Cross is “classic rallycross amplified for the ultimate challenge”.

The Gymkhana, last seen in Dirt Showdown, is also making a return in Dirt 5. Players will string together tricks in a special stunt arena to hit a target score within a time limit.

Dirt 5 supports Xbox’s Smart Delivery. Purchasing the game on Xbox One automatically entitles you to an Xbox Series X version of the game when it launches. Dirt 5 launches for Xbox One on October 9th.

This looks like a nice alternative to Forza. I’ve seen past Dirt games with full on driving cockpits. It seemed to be more on the simulation side of racing and not arcadey.