Dirt 5 gameplay trailer showcases the game's dynamic weather and Stampede Time Trial

Codemasters has dropped a new gameplay trailer for Dirt 5 that showcases the one of the upcoming racing game’s returning Stampede mode’s tracks.

The gameplay footage gives us our first look at the Arizona Stampede course, which is set in between the Arizona buttes. The Jimco Unlimted Truck battles its way around the track, taking on rough terrain, and fighting against the game’s dynamic weather system. According to Codemasters, these circuits feature tough terrain and an opportunity for vehicles to get airborne with jumps placed around each track. Up to 12 cars can battle it out on these courses.

Codemaster recently detailed the other game modes coming to Dirt 5, along with 13 different vehicle types. Rally Raid, Landrush and the Gymkhana all feature in this year’s entry into the Dirt series.

Dirt 5 supports Xbox’s Smart Delivery programme. Buying the game for Xbox One automatically entitles you to an Xbox Series X version when it eventually launches. Dirt 5 launches for Xbox One on October 9th.

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