Digital Pre Order add on downloads

You guys might already know this but the pre order bonus stuff doesn’t download automatically. You need to go to manage game to manually download Nuke town, the zombie map Giants, skins etc. Giants is 1.9 GB and Nuke town is 1.2 GB. The other stuff is pretty small.


Thanks for the info.

I pre-ordered the digital version of the game and should have gotten the map but it is not showing up anywhere .

Keeps asking me for a code … WTF ???

Did you go to games and apps, then go to BLOPSIII and hit the menu button, then click manage game? It should show the maps there that are waiting to be downloaded. Don’t go to the store. You pre ordered so you get at least Nuketown and if you ordered the deluxe edition you will have the Zombie map Giants and two other bonus items.