Did you use the Exploit in Falcon Lost? Expect a ban.

Ubisoft to temp ban players who exploit their screwed up code.

Ubisoft is telling players that if they exploit their bugs, expect a temp ban for first offense, and a perma ban if you have run it multiple times. That’s right…their shitty update is your fault, so you should get banned for it.

I wonder if they’ll get banned for losing characters with this update?

I hate when game companies do shit like this. Their shitty code allowed the glitch. Of course gamers are going to take advantage. Perma Ban accounts? Weak.

Imagine if Bungie did that to all the people that glitched through the Vault of Glass.

Not to mention the first people who “exploited” this came across it by accident. So, stumble on a glitch like Rehabilitation, get a ban.

This makes me rethink buying Ghost Recon when it comes out.

I think the most important aspect is the fact that they knew about this wall glitch for the longest time, way prior to the latest content. I had been doing this on General Assembly weeks prior to the new Incursion update. No banning then, as well as the failure to fix the issue they were aware of. Now people aren’t playing the way they intended, and it’s the consumers fault? I don’t get this dev/production team. They “fix” stuff that isn’t broken and loved by the community (farming BK, multi-drop challenges) intentionally ignore the game breaking issues at hand. Still no patch to fix a basic issue like RELOADING YOUR FUCKING GUN. Damnit Ubisoft, get your shit together. Replace your QA team.

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And, not for nothing, but I JUST NOW TODAY found a group that was willing to run this slog fest of a horde mode so I could finally get a couple good gear pieces that I didn’t have to buy. Trust me, I’m sure that fewer (not none) players would be looking for an easy out if the mechanics weren’t so boring and the penalty for a misstep in wave 15 is to go back to start. I understand people being none too keen to go spend an hour running it to just get to the end and wipe.

If there was some legit FUN to be had in this (regardless of difficulty), I think less people would be willing to just take the easy way and bomb something to death for an hour, as that’s no fun either…


EDIT: I need to apologize to the group of GRG’ers that did attempt to run it with me (Kraig, Sniper, and another buddy Engov). And, I totally understand after finally making it to the 9th wave and wiping that everyone just wanted to quit and run the DZ lol!

The fact is, this wasn’t some 3rd party utility or program causing this. This was the terrible code that Massive/Ubisoft shipped out the door and sold to people. It was their own doing, but they think it’s the customer’s fault? That’s a good way to lose a customer base.

No need to apologize.

If no one weren’t available, I’d join a random group to give it a try.

I’d like to complete it at least once though. I wouldn’t have a problem with a few randoms joining.

Are you asking me on a date?

Most likely he is. Be weary if he breaks out peanut butter.

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I don’t care if they ban people is long as they do it the right way. They need to give warnings first. If people are repeat offenders fine, ban them.

People know it’s exploiting, they know it’s cheating. Is it fair exploiters gear faster than people that actually want to enjoy the game? If their was no PvP I guess it wouldn’t matter, but well… Oh wait this game don’t have PvP, is has an area for people that want to grief.

Blahhhh… Don’t what the hell you want. To be honest I don’t know if I care about Division at this point anymore. Nothing is getting me to want to sign in today… Destiny kept my interest way longer.

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How on Earth is it cheating if it’s a bug that’s due to a programming fuck up?

I highly doubt anyone will get banned. They’re probably just trying to scare people from glitching until they can find a fix.

I also think it’s very weak for the Devs to threaten bans for their shitty software.

You and Kraig would make a cute couple . You could chicken fuck together.

I agree.

Destiny kept my interest for almost a year.

Nothing left to do in Division. What’s it been out for, maybe 2 months?

Falcon Lost reminds me of Prison Of Elders. That got old quick.

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Exactly what I have told others about Falcon Lost, and I didn’t like PoE either so go figure. If I see people playing Division I’ll jump on and enjoy the social aspect.

Same for Destiny, I’ll play that socially.

I been actually messing with Smite and playing Sunset Overdrive since it’s Free with Gold.