Destiny’s April Update to Bring New Strike, Prison of Elders Facelift, and Much More

Today’s Destiny livestream brought a fair number of surprises for what players can expect for PvE content. As reported yesterday, today’s livestream would bring announcements of new PvE content — but no specifics were announced. According to the live stream, the April 12 Destiny update will include an increased level cap, new bounties, new quest lines (some exclusive to PlayStation), a new strike, a revamp of the Winter’s Run strike, a new end-game challenge mode, and (most notably) a revamp in the Prison of Elders.

First and foremost, the light level cap has been increased from 320 to 335. For those who remember the mechanics of Destiny, light levels (imbued in each piece of armor and weapons) determines the damage your character gan give and tace

Additionally, a series of new quests are available in the Reef. All players will be able to join the “At the Gates” quest line, assigned by fan-favorite Variks, to track a new Taken power, given that they have not disappeared. It is only available after the death of Oryx, so there is the chance you must finish the King’s Fall raid first.

The next quest line will be “Return of the Prison,” tasking players to return back to the infamous Prison of Elders where Variks has been keeping Taken. This challenge mode will start at Level 41, providing a challenge for even the most experienced

Finally, PlayStation players will get two exclusive quest lines available from Petra. Presumably, these will be coming to Xbox players eventually.

On top of the new quests, there will be one new strike and one revamped, Taken-fied strike. While there wasn’t a ton of information regarding the new strike, players will be able to access the Winter’s Run strike, with higher-level enemies, Taken, and a Taken Archon Priest (seen in the screenshots below). The new Winter’s Run strike will also have “unique rewards” that weren’t talked about.

The pièce de résistance is the updated Prison of Elders — as mentioned above, Variks has revamped the Prison to include a new questline, but also an updated challenge mode. The original Prison of Elders will still remain available, and there will be a new 260 Light Prison of Elders mode. This new mode will have the chance to be 50% a group of new Taken bosses or 50% a group of upgraded original bosses. The 260 mode will not require any treasure keys, meaning it will be able to be farmed unlimitedly. Finally, the players will now be able to farm bounties and engrams in the Prison, a change from the original Prison of Elders system.

Along with the 260 more, there will be a 320 Light Level challenge mode allowing players to get 335 Light Level equipment. Completing the challenge mode will award the mysterious Sterling Treasure which will be discussed next week. Here, players will be able to use a Challenge of the Elders Sigil (much like a Trials of Osiris ticket) that gives you a weekly cumulative and high score goal to earn gear. These Sigils (along with new weekly Prison of Elders bounties) last for a week before resetting. The high score will be counted by team and will award a weapon, the cumulative score will be counted individually and will award armor if reached.

This new challenge mode will not have a treasure chest (unlike the other forms of Prison of Elders), however, you will be guaranteed armor and weapons for completing the challenge. Variks will only give 5 minutes in each round before he begins deducting points. Lastly, Challenge of the Elders will have checkpoints to allow players to step in and out of the challenge.

So there you have it — without too many spoilers, that is the new PvE content players can expect in the new April update. Next week, Bungie will be talking more about loot at the same time on their Twitch channel. As mentioned above, Destiny‘s April update comes to all players on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on April 12, 2016

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Not sure PoE and a new strike will pull me back. Need a bit more.

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Like changing the scenery to a big city or something…

No matter what they do until I get my light level up from 234 it doesn’t matter.

PoE is weaksauce, need MOAR raid!

Not sure if I read it right in another article…but is the Kings Fall raid normal mode going up to 320? Or is it going to drop 320 loot? If the raid itself goes up to 320…they are essentially locking a lot of players out. Which doesn’t make sense…though half the shit Bungie has done with this game doesn’t make sense.

Really think this game is just a Proof of Concept. The beginning of a shift in FPS gameplay towards MMO-lite. SP campaigns like CoD aren’t what gamers are looking for anymore. They want that RPG element, that carrot on a stick gameplay minus the full fledged grind of a traditional MMO (like WoW).

I will keep an eye on this but not jumping on the band wagon any time soon.

Wait, hasn’t a majority of the Destiny population still NOT completed the KF raid yet? Like @Gatsu, alienating a lot of people. Also, Bungie is still not learning. It’s great that they’re bringing back something they created and over-shadowed with the King’s Fall raid. Now with the new LL increase, the King’s Fall raid will be falling by the wayside, just like every other raid in this game. Once again, nothing new. Make it so the old content (all of it) is somewhat relevant and I bet more people would be back. Why not use a bracket type system kind of like what The Division uses for the DZ? If you run the VoG at a higher level, shit should scale and so should the item drops.


All they had to do to make the raids relevant again is up the light level of all the drops in the old Raids and up the enemy levels. That’s it. Don’t need new mechanics. And maybe they shouldn’t have made the old content irrelevant to begin with by giving people a way to jump to level 25 and skip all that content. Why play through the prison of elders and do all that work. Why run through old raids to get irrelevant hardware and nerf all the old exotics? They made 3/4 of their own game useless and no longer fun. They turned Destiny into Monotony The Taken King.

If people can get great current light-level drops from the old raids, that’ll get people back in them again. Give people more than 1 route to hit that max light level. I hate the raids because I can never get a group together to play through them. I get half-way through and then the group wants to drop. So there is no way for me to hit that max light level unless I play with randoms. Fuck. That.

Exotics. Why do I need to keep track of what daily or weekly missions are up on a particular day so I can make sure I play the right mission a particular way to get a certain exotic weapon that may or may not drop because their RNG system is so fucking busted.

How many different currencies do you need in a game? I mean jeebus christo.

And the Taken…fuck the Taken. But hey! Let’s make all the updated old content have “new” bosses by slapping a Taken skin on the old ones and give them a more annoying way to be killed! OOo and lets slap Taken skins on all the new gear & weapons. That’ll make’em jump through hoops to maybe or maybe not have them drop!

Short of sucking my dick, Bungie’s not getting any more of my life for their busted ass experiment.

Im looking forward to it for a couple reasons.

  1. I think they are reducing the grind because when you infuse things its now 1:1 light got a 220 helm you like infuse it with a 320 and boom 320 helm.

  2. The normal mode of KF will drop up to 320 but you can make it through nm at 300 give or take.

  3. Barbie dress up

  4. Im honestly thinking this year is a “keep the players with enough fluff till Destiny 2 hits”

  5. Raid is still relevant unlike the last ones that died when DLC comes out.

  6. Free as fuck and i like that.

  7. You still dont have to raid for gear… or do PoE

  8. Maybe KFK will come back to complete my fireteam

  9. Honestly destiny is my crack… im playing IB this week, why? It isnt going to give me anything that i need but im playing anyway.

  10. Did i mention freenif you have TTK?

  11. More vault space

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hit me up if you ever want to run PoE or the weekly stuff. I don’t really do crucible, but I’ll play pretty much anything else.