Destiny Raids Farewell Tour - Vault of Glass - 6/2

Hunter Master Race used to elicit hype.

Let’s set up a Raid event for this Friday (6/2) @ 9:00 PM EST.

Featured Raid: Vault of Glass

Trying to confirm with those that showed interest in the previous thread.

@TEXENT @APMech12 @DuvalFunk @SoulTerror @shortbus @anon36214017 @CoffeeAddikshun @Grex

We may have to get a 2nd lobby going. I will need confirmed sign ups.

Also, @unobtainaballs not sure if you can kick off a PS4 room. @hideouschud @Partho23 @PlayStationPlayers


I am up for this, happy to host a room on PS4.

I would prefer an earlier start if possible (say 6/7PM EST) but I am amenable.

If people can’t make Friday night or we don’t get that far, we can always pick it back up sometime this weekend if there is interest.

Post here if you want to join.

EDIT: Lost significant hype due to ugly image of Hunter above.

I’m working Friday night so I’m out.

I’ll be there Friday night

When can you, I’m sure we can get a 2nd night running. Shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m in, either night. I’ll just need my hand held.

Friday should work for me.

Will try to attend on the Xbox. Will be back from vacation that morning and will need game time.

count me in

Working unfortunately, otherwise I’d be in

Tues and wed nights work best. PIA I know but I’m the jr guy in my current position so I get garbage nights off.

Just confirmed the wife is working Friday, so I am in. An earlier start than 9 EDT is OK by me.

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OK, I make it three of us so far.
Join on me when/if you see me online, we can kick around and do whatever until everyone arrives.

If we don’t get a full party (6) from GRG then we can invite friends or LFM.

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Careful @unobtainaballs, I may demote you to Staff!

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Just a bump.

Trying to lock in people.

@TEXENT @anon36214017 @SoulTerror @SilentDeadeye @ReaperMan10

I know @grex and maybe @DuvalFunk might be interested. Can we get a 2nd party?

I’ll be firing up my room around 9ish and will bang out Vault of Glass. (whatever mode, I do not care). I have not done this raid in forever so I’ll be the worlds worst guide. Hopefully someone remembers WTF to do. If not, then don’t care. I’ll be drinking beer.


@quantumklutz is also interested

I’ll be on. I’ve done the raid numerous times as long as we are not doing the new version.

To increase Hype after limp dick Hunter photo above (shout out @unobtainaballs) here are two better pictures

Jedi Super

Fist of Panic

I will be available after Beers and I wrap up our Madden Game at 8pm


I’ll see y’all there

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I’m down. Will be on around 9ish.