Destiny patch is 19 gigs... here's the notes...

Still dunno why it’s so big…

Event: Crimson Days
Grab a partner to celebrate Crimson Days from February 9th, 10AM PST to February 16th, 1AM PST
Grab Quests
Go talk with Lord Shaxx in the Tower to receive the quest “Crimson Bonds”
Players must be at least Level 40 to be eligible to obtain this quest
Play Crimson Doubles
2v2 PvP Event Playlist: Crimson Doubles
Requires Pre-made Fireteam of 2
In Crimson Doubles, “Heartbroken” buff is applied to you when your teammate is down that provides maxed stats and faster reload
Weekly Shaxx bounties have been replaced with special Crimson Doubles bounties for the duration of the event
Fixed an issue where some emote incidents would appear twice
Fixed a rare issue where the Refer-a-Friend buff was not being properly applied when joining an in-progress activity
Fixed an issue where an extra icon on the kiosk was appearing for players who acquired MIDA Multi-Tool exotic weapon for both Year One and Year Two
Fixed an issue with Hakke pulse rifle damage scaling to bring them back in line with other pulse rifles
Fixed the icon for Titan class item Mark of a Kellslayer
Fixed an issue where the icon for the Hunter artifact Unerring Compass was missing on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
Fixed an issue where the Vienna Singer ship was not dropping at appropriate rates
Reduced the chance for ghost shells to be awarded from completing the weekly in favor of other rewards
Raid: King’s Fall
Fixed an issue that allowed players to become immune to the Totem room damage by using a sword’s block ability
Totems will now kill players under the totem after an extended period of time
Fixed an issue on the aura holder when exiting 3rd person, the camera forward would get reset back facing the direction of the players feet
Fixed an issue where the Ogres would teleport when they had issues path finding around previous dropped bombs
Bounties have been moved to the top of Shaxx’s vendor screen
Players now start without special ammo in all 3v3 modes
See developer comments from Derek Carroll
Fixed an issue where the quest step to “Complete a match with 6+ Auto Rifle kills” was not properly registering
The temporary fix applied previously has been removed once again to allow this quest to be turned in properly
Fixed an issue where the text display for Nova Bomb score bonuses was incorrect
Damage Referee has been enabled in the Control playlist for the Crucible
See developer comments from Paul Lewellen
New Rotating Playlists
See developer comments from Jeremiah Pieschl
Freelance 3v3 featuring Skirmish, Salvage and Elimination – only accessible by solo players, no fireteams
Freelance 6v6 featuring Control, Clash and Rift – only accessible by solo players, no fireteams
Inferno 3v3 featuring Inferno Skirmish, Inferno Salvage and introducing Inferno Elimination!
Inferno 6v6 featuring Inferno Control and Inferno Clash
Iron Banner
Iron Banner returns on February 23rd, 10AM to February 29th, 1AM PST
Iron Banner armor pieces from Rank 5 packages will now be granted immediately, instead of appearing once you return to Orbit
Increased the base win rep amount by +20% (50 to 60)
Waypoints have been added to Lord Saladin when the Rank 3 and Rank 5 packages are available
Players can no longer recycle into Iron Banner matches after the event has ended
Trials of Osiris
Reduced the postgame wait time by 15 seconds
Adjusted loot tables to make rewards more consistent and less likely to have a non-payout match
Fixed an issue where some players are able to perch in an advantageous position on a giant tree root
The Timekeeper
Removed dynamic objects and moved overtime objective to help it play better in Elimination
Fixed an issue where Reputation was being awarded when dismantling the Future War cult ship “The Climb”
Access to the ship via the kiosk has been re-enabled
Fixed an issue where the icon on Gunsmith vendor screen to display the correct reputation

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19 GBs for what? 2v2 PvP and fixes? That’s crazy.

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It’s not 19gig, I downloaded it in about a minute.

Seems to be the same as 1.1 did, where it verifies your existing files from the actual 19GB update it did and then actually downloads the new files (~150MB it seemed on my PS4).
Takes a while to do the verifying thing but not ages and doesn’t download through that period (afaik).