Destiny Item Manager

DIM is a website, with a convertible app, that will help you control your loadouts, mailbox, and vault easily from your computer or phone while you are playing Destiny. There are several other sites like this but this is the one the that I use. The longtime and hardcore players know about it and it is essential. If your are new to the clan or game give it a try. It also has a loadout optimizer and builder with command keys for many different builds including a max base stat loadout for a better idea of what should be masterworked, etc.

This link is for my account and may not work for you but you know how to google.

I’ll add a couple screenshots to give you an idea of the content.

GG Guardians


Oh yeah, use this all the time. Great app. Thanks for the write up.

you can install a “local” version so you don’t have to have a browser window open…you still need internet, but feels cleaner this way.

Also i have used the load out function alot in the past but with the armor 2.0 much less due to need to customize my armor slots. maybe when i have a good build and a couple full sets in play

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Dude, that Battery life has me sweating… Jesus, what kind of monster lets it go so low???


Also, is it like 09:11 at the point of the screenshot? AM??

Pm. I think I was taking a crap.

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