Destiny Faction Poll

Who should GRG support in the upcoming Faction Rally?

  • Dead Orbit
  • Future War Cult
  • New Monarchy

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I have no Fucking clue… Someone tell. Me. How to vote!

Always Dead Orbit.

No clue why tho


DO - since their reward is a Scout Rifle


Agree with u there…i hardly ever use pulse rifles or hand canons…

I prefer the look of the future war cult gear but I hope dead orbit wins the rally so I can buy the scout rifle.

FWC was my preferred Faction in D1 for colours/gear.

FWC. I know I’m in the minority, but I love pulse rifles. Keeps me from emptying entire clips at nothing, but easier to handle at short range.

DO. Just cause it sounds cool.

Factions are a clan only thing?

No, every character can pledge to a different faction so if you want to get all the gear, all three of your toons can pledge different factions. The overall reward is game wide though and it would make sense if everyone was working to the same goal.

Plus I just wanted to see what people though.

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If I read it correctly, the winning faction can buy the weapon for 1000 glimmer and the losing factions have to pay 50,000 for it.


Which Faction has the coolest pants?

That is correct. So, use all 3 characters to pledge to all 3 factions.

Like I am making two other characters for this game…


I guess you have to finish the story to unlock the tower with each one.

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Dead Orbit FTW! I’ve always been down with DO.


Not OPP?

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Yeah you know me!

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