Destiny clan cleanup

Its that time of year again. We usually have an influx of new and returning players to out destiny clan with the 100 person limit, we will need to clean out players that have not logged in in a while…this is my list

GT Last active
Arthur Morgan 4/4/2020
BoA McSavage 10/22/2019
Chedder101 1/17/2020
DiscipleOfHate 1/13/2020
Ducati30080 3/19/2020
Emerald Doll 4/11/2020
R00K07 2/28/2020
XGN Jax Teller 5/27/2020
APMech 2/21/2020

if this is not you and you know these ppl have then ping me…otherwise you are good to go…the real good news here is we have 65 active ppl in destiny
PS: (and this is really important)
If you get kicked or were removed do not take any offense. We have been trying to keep the clans full of active members and we needed room. If you want to play Destiny again then simply message a GRG staff member here or on chat and we’ll get you sorted out. Do not get butthurt.

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