Destiny Clan clean up (xbox) on 8/6

Eyes up Guardian


With cross save and shadowkeep on the horizon…its time for some annual list trimming…there are some in the destiny 2 clan that have 380 light and have not gamed since warmind dropped…while we love you and will welcome all GRG taters that want to play the game, we don’t want to hold spot in our almost full clan (limited to 100) for ppl not planning to return.

NOTE: this is for the destiny clan only not GRG in general

So if you are NOT active but want to stay in just let me know by replying to this tread by 8/6.
If you are active…played Destiny 2 since 1/1/19? then you are all set…you don’t need to do anything you are still in.


I am active!!!

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It’s a shame Bungie puts a limit on clan size. It’s a pain in the ass.


Do not get upset if you are removed. We need the space and are only removing those not playing at the moment. If you do decide to play Destiny again we will GLADLY re-add you to the Clan. Just hit us up for an invite. It’s that easy.


I had lost the nerve to fight on grinding small gear upgrades for hours weekly in destiny. I am still on xbox, but playing diablo 3 and other stuff with some buddies. I would like to remain in the guild to pick up some other games, (GTA) and start maybe playing CoD again.

The Destiny guild isn’t the same as GRG, just a part of it. You wouldn’t be removed from GRG at all. Just the in game Destiny clan (if you are not playing. It’s a space thing really).

We do have a crew playing Black Ops 4 now and I fully expect COD MW to be jammed packed with people. Check out the @codplayers group and get @beers_and_leafs, @mnvikesfan on your friends list. They will get you in games if you are interested.

I am on most weekends, Play West Coast hours (Best Coast)

We normally play this on Clan nights, if you see us on, please join the party and we will get you in the game @glacier24


@nelperez007 you are super active…you are all set thanks for checking in

If I’m on there you can go ahead an remove me if need be. Unless there is a big resurgence on of people on PC. I think I’m done with D2 for the time being

@Klown4life you are in the ps4/pc clan and we have space there for now…so unless @unobtainaballs asks for me to help clean up that one (which i can) you are prolly good

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Please remove me from the xbox clan, and if I ever ask to join again, beat me over the head with a crowbar.


I still play on the xbone side but I’m a filthy casual at the moment. The grind got the best of me. Once newer content drops I’ll be far more active. If you need to make space you can bump me for more active players if needed.

Sounds like fun. Can I give you a nice glass of Draino prior?

@Klown4life, @valiantvictory

We are good for now in the other D2 clan.

There’s 67 in that one and it’s a far smaller number that are actually active.
Until we actually need more space I don’t see the need to boot anyone.