Destiny 2 - Raid Night (PS4) - Wed 30 May

@PS4Players, @destinyplayers

Let’s see if we can get a Raid group together for this Wednesday night.

If we have 5/6 we can try either of the Raid lairs (I haven’t done either yet).
If we only have 4 I’d suggest we stick to the OG Raid, since we should be strong enough for that with a smaller group.

Estimated start time is 19:00 Eastern.

Let me know if you can show up and make that start-time (Yes or Maybe).
Open to all GRG PS4 members who own Destiny 2.

I presume if you don’t own the DLC then you can only run the OG Raid, we’ll see if that’s an issue based on who is signing up.


Count me in for sure. I’ll do any of the raids. I’ve completed the normal Levitation many times but have yet to complete the lairs.


I can try and make it wed night, since I’ve completed both Levitation and Eater of Worlds, no experience with Spire of Stars…yet

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I would like to join for sure!!! I am to the light level that I won’t be a complete “bullet sponge”…


I might have a 5th and 6th if we don’t get any GRG takers. Couple guys I work with (trying to get them to join GRG) might be down to do the Normal Leviathan or Eater of Worlds. Spire of Stars is likely out for us as I think most of us would be under powered currently.

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Sounds good.

I agree, I think recommended LL is as follows:

Raid (Lair) Rec. LL
Leviathan 270
Eater of Worlds 300
Spire of Stars 370

At the moment our average is 350 and our minimum is about 340, though we do only have 4.
EoW might be achievable, SoS is clearly out.

Count me in!!! Just let me know what time…

Still aiming for this at the moment, since no-one has asked for any other time.
I might be on a little earlier if I can.

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Count me in!!

@catsweat you interested in running with these guys?


I’m getting a ps4 sometime…there are few exclusives i want to play…when i do i want to D2 with you guys too


sorry @valiantvictory I was on Vacation, @PlayStationPlayers anytime you all need a hand feel free to hit me up. I’m on most nights, psn is the same as name here.