Destiny 2 PvP Nerfs Detailed from PAX West Demo

Fans of PvP in Destiny 2 will be happy to hear some of the significant changes coming to the game in this fall’s Shadowkeep expansion. A new build of the game was available to play at PAX West in Seattle this past weekend and, besides leaking some new gear coming in Shadowkeep, the build also included a number of PvP changes coming to the game.

Many of the changes spotted include those that address many of the complaints that fans have had about Destiny 2 's PvP for some time now. The news comes via streamer tripleWRECK on Twitter, who played the build of the game at PAX. He noted these changes specifically:

  • Nightstalker’s Shadowshot Tether now one-shots enemies
  • Resilience/health reduced on roaming supers
  • Higher-impact sniper rifles (90 RPM) could kill Striker Titans and Dawnblade Warlocks in their supers with a headshot
  • Dawnblade’s Burst Glide now has a buildup to its acceleration instead of going so fast immediately but retains its top speed once reached

The change that has likely been discussed the most is the reduced Resilience of roaming supers. Bungie has hinted in the past that it would be looking into nerfing the powerful survivability that roaming supers like Striker Titans and Dawnblade Warlocks have. These supers can currently take a ton of damage before finally going down, and good players can take down an entire team with one super or kill the same player twice in one super activation.

To go along with that, whether it has to do with the nerf to the HP of roaming supers or a buff to sniper rifles, now higher-impact sniper rifles can one-shot supers with a headshot. Ever since the launch of Destiny 2 , sniper rifles have been pretty heavily nerfed in comparison to their Destiny 1 brethren. The ability to headshot supers and quickscope were deliberately nerfed. But even though much has changed in the game since then to give players more power, sniper rifles have not been able to one-shot headshot most supers like they could in Destiny 1 .

Similarly, the Nightstalker’s Tether has never been able to reliably one-shot enemies in PvP. Curiously, Nightstalkers were finally given this ability at the end of Destiny 1 in Rise of Iron, only to have that ability revert itself in Destiny 2 . It appears, based on this build, the lethality of the Shadowshot will return in Shadowkeep.

There are likely more changes coming to PvP that have yet to be detailed, but these few changes noticed in this latest build of the game are sure to get veteran fans of the Crucible excited.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Nice. Now maybe when I shoot the shit out of people super roaming they’ll actually die. Or they should allow that type of damage mitigation on the other supers. It’s one of the reasons I stopped using the Golden Gun. You don’t get added health or resilience while using it at all. The other reason was the short duration.