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Destiny 2 Leaked Cinematic Reveals Major Spoiler (this is a spoiler thread!!)


Many have asked about this… here it is!

You have been warned…
This is game altering and will probably effect your experience of the Black Armory expansion…


Pulled Pork…really? That’s lame.


Makes sense with the idea of them adding more of an rpg element in 3. Looks like they may have two trees going which would allow some tinkering for the hardcore player’s while not overwhelming the casuals


I did not see that coming. Since he is a clone/new born would the Vanguard be right to go after him? Did the traveler send the ghost? If not who else can?


I can reference lore if desired but i think its generally accepted…guardians are not what they once were and have no memories of their past life…except maybe ana bae…so Uldren could end up being a good guy and not even remember we killed him or that he was the one to poison the Dreaming City and Kill cayde


Remind me again. Are guardians chosen based on the way they died (heroic feats ect) or at random?


not easy answer


I honestly can’t even… You need a new hobby.

After watching the video it’s so blatant that Destiny 1’s armor is so much better looking than Destiny 2’s. Also, I miss the Cosmodrome.


Top comment answers it.

Guardians are chosen when they pay $60.