Destiny 2 - Last Gasp Iron Banner - Mon 22 Oct


This is your last chance (basically) to finish up the Iron Banner bounties before they disappear at reset tomorrow.


I’ll be online tonight from 7PM Eastern trying to complete the IB bounties.


If any other @PS4Players want to help I would appreciate it.

Johnny Blueberry is a frustrating teammate and being repeatedly kerb-stomped is no bueno.

Once done with IB it will be onto any other milestones to complete before reset.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be there!

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Any @PS4Players up for some ib I’ll be on tonight trying to do the bounties


Totally did not. Read the post but like I said I’ll be on @unobtainaballs hopefully early on in the afternoon


I’ll be down to help out






I won’t be on until about 6pm pacific but if you’re still doing IB or onto something else I’d love to play with some people instead of slowly solo grinding my light level.

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