Desktop Podcast

Does anyone know a good podcast app for Android that also possibly has a desktop/web version that syncs?

This wouldn’t even be an issue if I had unlimited data for my phone but since I don’t, I need a way to listen at work where I don’t have wifi.

Paid or free, doesn’t bother me either way.

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I use Pocketcast. Mostly for phone but it does have a web app.


Just checked it out. Seems fucking perfect!


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Thanks to you both - I had wondered about this before but a quick search didn’t find much, so I thought people didn’t bother or something.

I use Castbox right now, but just started getting back into podcasts on Android. It, like Pocketcast, has a web app rather than a desktop app.

It was free, it was looking so good…

Yeah, I haven’t used the web side much, mainly on my phone which logged in with my phone’s google account.

I don’t mind all that much, just somewhat dislike the practice.
At least it isn’t just a facebook login option.

I use the Google music app currently. A lot of it depends on which podcasts ur looking for.

They are listening to other ones besides the ReaperCast?

I listen to podcast addicts on my phone. You can stream or if you know what shows you want. You can download them when you are on Wi-Fi no data used and listen to them off line. When you are done just delete them. Uses Google and iTunes search engines to find the podcasts you want



There is only the reapercast!

This is the one I started using last month.
Has a better interface than some others.

Only drawback is that I’d like a web client so when I’m home I can keep listening to them, or I just fall behind…

I just blue tooth my 800x headset and leave my phone docked. Works pretty well

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