D2: Where all da playas at?

I’ve stopped playing D2 for a few months now but I am possibly, maybe, potentially considering coming back. I started on PS4 and then mostly played PC. I gather that a lot of GRG players are Xbox mains (which I also have)…?

Anyway, if I do take the plunge and buy the DLC… I need to decide which platform. What platform do most GRG D2 players play on?

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The majority of Destiny players are on XBox. It’s also the most organized and active of the 3 platforms (for Destiny and most of GRG really). @valiantvictory can correct me if I’m wrong but I think we’re about 60 active Destiny players on XBox. There is always groups running stuff. They also just hop into one XBox party to BS while grinding shit out.


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I agree with lala, xbox will net you the most members to play with but you should talk with @valiantvictory about how many pc players there are I know he does the cross save for pc and Xbox so he gets around

With this expansion, numbers may change but as @Lala_Calamari said we have 60 actual active xbox players (some of us also play on pc) 4+/- pc exclusive and 0+/- on ps

also if you really consider dusting off that xbox… game pass will include beyond light at launch…some ppl belive that alone is enough value to get that

Except @Lala_Calamari lmao

Whoa whoa whoa… I didn’t know Beyond Light was on Game Pass at launch. That changes everything!