D&D5e and Savage Worlds RPG, IT'S HAPPENING

I will be cramming my mostly bald nugget with as much info as I can in the next few weeks. I have the basics for what I need to host a D&D5e game. Module is a starter for 4-5 players with level 1 characters. There are some pre-generated characters. It will start in three weeks on the weekend of the 26th-28th of April. Who wants in and what times are good for everyone? Friday midday is great for me or Saturday evening starting at 9pm Eastern. Sunday morning is potentially doable but not preferred.

However if the interest is there I am looking at running a Savage Worlds RPG as well. Maybe run each game every other week? Haven’t decided on setting yet. We could do The Last Parsec (sci-fi space trek) or we could do Deadlands Reloaded (alternate history wild west with spirits and magic). The great thing about Savage Worlds is that their is a metric shit ton of stuff for Fantasy Grounds. The main books are also rather inexpensive.

For now you should grab a demo (free) copy of Fantasy Grounds either from:

or Steam:

Doesn’t matter where you download it from, you can link your Steam account to the Fantasy Grounds website but it is not necessary.

You might want to watch some YouTube vids on character creation for 5e in FG and check out the Fantasy Grounds College: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/


Unfortunately I will be on a family vacation that week so I am out

No worries. You can catch the next run. I am thinking about doing two bimonthly games. Preferably one DnD5e and the other Savage Worlds. These first few games will be training and refining the skills of the players and myself. Mistakes will be made. I will be treating these first few runs as one shots. People can take their characters into another module or reroll a fresh one. My goal is to get everyone who wants to play into a game.

Will I need a PC to do this?

You will need a PC. Windows, Mac, or Linux. There is cross OS play. Doesn’t need to be a beefy PC.


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz or higher processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: n/a
  • Additional Notes: Requirements vary by the add-ons installed and the number of players connecting to your game.


  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: 2.00 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics card recommended
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requirements vary by the add-ons installed and the number of players connecting to your game.

Damn, ok I’m out till I can get one but if I do I’ll be in for sure

Instead of starting with The Lost Mine of Phandelver, I found a couple of 1 hour adventures we will be using.


Pinnacle’s flagship product is Deadlands , a horrific journey into the “Weird West.” Mysterious beings called the Reckoners have given life to monsters and magic, causing history to divert from July 4th, 1863 forward. The South has won its independence, California has shattered into a labyrinth of flooded sea-canyons, and a mysterious super-fuel called “ghost rock” has spawned as much war and strife as it has “steampunk” devices.

Players are steely-eyed gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers called hucksters, mysterious shamans, savage braves, mad scientists, and more who battle against evil and attempt to prevent the “Reckoning”.

This updated version of Deadlands: Classic, Deadlands: Reloaded , uses our Savage Worlds system. Prior versions exist for Deadlands “Classic,” d20, and GURPS.

I have some one hour adventures and an adventure module. I am creating some archetype characters. Anyone who wants to play can choose from the pre-gens or create one themselves. For anyone interested, download a demo copy of Fantasy Grounds for free either from Steam or the Fantasy Grounds website. I can do a FG training and character creation session. The software is free and doesn’t expire. The sessions will be free. All it will cost is some of your time.

What you will need to play:

  • A computer: Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Discord: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android
  • Fantasy Grounds: Demo or paid version for Windows, Mac, or Linux


The Last Parsec is a scifi setting of planetary exploration and adventure using Savage Worlds!

Faster-than-light travel has finally allowed humanity to spread beyond its lonely corner of the Milky Way. In the depths of space these explorers found millions of star systems, strange planets, and exotic alien races. Centuries later, they form the Known Worlds, a vital region of trade and technology where empires grow and business thrives.

It is an unparalleled age. Cutting edge science has opened limitless frontiers of space and consciousness, and has even begun to hint at the mysteries of the universe itself. But to find them, one must travel beyond the familiar, to the last parsecs of reality.

I think I have a computer that can run what is needed I’ll check the full specs when i get home so hopefully i can join a game

If you’ve got a computer built within the last ten years you can probably run it. I play it on a 2014 model gaming laptop. When the 64 bit beta drops I think I will get extra beta keys to give out because I backed the Kickstarter for it. That might be a little more resource intensive but I doubt by much.

Ya it’s a Walmart gateway but I believe it’s good enough I forgot to check specs last night but I’m fairly sure itll run it

If it can run Windows 7 or newer then you are fine. @SplendidKaos is also interested. If we can get one more it would be best, maybe I will roll up a character to support the party. I can do Fri-Sun. What days and times are good for you two?

Weekends are best for me, hell this weekend would be awesome since I have nothing going on and the kiddo is going to her monms

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My schedule changes every week as I work a 4 on 4 off without overtime factored in. luckily this week I am off Sat-Tues. Next week Sun-Wed…and so on. So weekends arent guaranteed all the time but at least once a month or so.
Edit: Please keep in mind I am a noob just learning 5E and I have never even heard of Savage Worlds, So if you are looking for more experienced people/group I will totally understand

So how about Saturday @SplendidKaos @SoulessGrimm? 9PM EST good for you guys? This will be a game for low level characters. It will be a one shot. Probably take 4-6 hours, maybe a little longer. If there is enough interest we can make it twice a month or every week. We could use 1-4 more players if anyone is interested. Any level of player welcome from brand spanking noob to salty veteran wizard nerd. It will be D&D5E. Start thinking about what type of character you want. Mage, fighter, cleric, rogue, multi class, whatever. Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.

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i will try to understand character creation in that time if not I will roll a random/pregen character just to get things rolling since I’m brandy new to begin with.

I helped fund another game on Kickstarter a bit ago called Manifest. It is a Sci-fi/Western (think Borderlands or Fire Fly) once they release the book (currently just a rough quickstart guide available) and if these take off I may try to run that when I become more familiar with the system.

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Fantasy Grounds prefers a character be created in a step by step method which I will gladly walk anyone through during the session. Also if anyone is interested I will be available Friday to do character creation and do a tour of Fantasy Grounds. I’ve setup a Discord server for running games: https://discord.gg/NSnQEg

Ok I’ll get myself introduced to fantasy grounds this evening and if I need help I’ll hit you up