Crossplay COD Account ID's

Activision ID: Klown4Life


Add me!!


I’ve added you to the top list under ps4

Add me as well!
I’m on pc but I play with a controller. I know…


So do I. No judgements here

Cool thing is that Cross Play works in Custom Games. Don’t miss out next Wednesday!


Activision ID: RmblJuicebox#1347413

PC, play with controller

Activision ID - Wud
Battlenet - WudLegerity#1849
Xbox - Wud Legerity (theres a space on the Xbox gamer tag between Words)

Added your Activision account to the main list

Activision ID - God#4165180

Xbox player with comp background
Gamebattles and umg if you know of them.


A bit late to the party. Xbox player, love playing the objective.
I’m still getting familiar with the cross play.


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I’ve added you to the top list as well

@zingy44 make sure to get an intro post going as well.

I just friended most of you, sorry for the thread necro, hit me up if any of you want to play.

Necro away!

pc activision account is OK13 OUTLAW#4097932

xbox account is OK13 OUTLAW


Activision/COD account is just Sniper T1. I have had it a long time.