Crossplay COD Account ID's

As pointed out by @Lala_Calamari Here is the post for everyone to share their COD Account ID’s so we can use the crossplay feature and team up together.

Just message me and I will add it to the list. @codplayers

If you have the ability to edit this list (its a wiki post now), add your info. If not, please message the info to me, I just don’t want to have a a thread here with 75 posts of names on it.

Xbox Players:
Lala Calamari - Activision ID Lala_Calamari
Souless Grimm ID - SoulessDeath90

PS4 Players:
SoInZane (soinzane)
Olz 2

PC Players:


@mnvikesfan and @Tech68x are those your gamer tags? That’s not what is needed. You have to go into your Call of duty/Activision account and get your Activision ID

Activision ID : tech68x#9393770
Xbox Player

Made it a wiki post so all members should be able to edit the OP.

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Those are the correct Activision Id’s

I’m not seeing numbers after my Activision ID. I’m only seeing Lala_Calamari

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Anyone have an idea how to add people to their friends list? I’ve been looking around on the Activision and Call of Duty page and cant figure out how to add.

There are only nuimbers if you left it like that…you probably changed yours, like I did. Or you’ve had it for a long time.

I tried to add you through the in game social menu and it kept giving me an error.

Who? Me? What about anyone else?

I was able to add lala, vikes, and grex but your I’d kept saying error sending friends request. Is it all one word or is it like the forums with the underscores? @beers_and_leafs. Edit just seen your one with the numbers I’ll have to try that tomorrow.

Beers is the one with the numbers. I just sent out a few friend invites for those listed so hopefully we can get some games in

Can add me pc snowman#22553 :sunglasses:

Added mine :ok_hand:
Hit me up if anyone is bored I got 4 days off work lol

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Lol only me on pc again :joy::joy::joy:

I have some cash coming so I get it on PS4 to so I am not left out :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::+1:


With crossplay you wont have any issues… we’ll all be able to party up!

Its actually pretty smooth… I was in last night with a bunch of PC players and some XBox


Added mine

Activision ID: Klown4Life