Conan Exiles Releases Fresh Hotfix, Avatar Tokens Craftable Again

A new hotfix has made its way to developer Funcom’s open world title Conan Exiles. The Xbox One X Enhanced ID@Xbox title is still a part of the Xbox Game Preview program and the development team is doing their best to keep the title as bug and issue-free as possible.

Details of the latest patch (build 75820/15495) have been released. The title update will come with bug and crash fixes, a fix to make tokens cratable again, and more. Take a look at the full list below:

  • Siege foundations should no longer have a building score of 0
  • Paperdoll model in inventory screens should no longer flash black when opened
  • Added an arrow indicating stick position when controlling the radial menu with a gamepad.
  • Improvements to the Carousel GUI
  • Added a news window in the main menu
  • Game should no longer crash after pressing the “More” option on an equipped armor piece
  • Thrall recipes now collapse when there is no thrall selected.
  • It should now be possible to edit and delete map markers on Xbox
  • Crafting station should no longer show all player recipes
  • LT and RT should now respond as intended when placing building pieces
  • Certain default server settings in single-player games should no longer be set to 0
  • Vault lootbags should no longer fall though the world once you’ve dismantled a Vault
  • The client should no longer crash when a placement brush interacts with large destroyed meshes
  • Fixed an issue where selecting something in the radial menu would result in nothing
  • Fixed empty text not being accepted in inventory and crafting search
  • It should now be possible to load ammo into a Trebuchet when using a controller
  • Fixed an Xbox crash that would occur when using the admin panel
  • Radial menu improvements
  • Dyeing your armor should now work as intended
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn’t gain experience after leaving and re-joining a single-player co-op game
  • Avatar Tokens should now be craftable again
  • Fixed a crash bug that would happen when disconnecting from a server

The latest hotfix for Conan Exiles is already live.