COD Season 2 Trailer and Roadmap

Looks cool, but not going to purchase the Battle Pass this time.

I barely made it through halfway in Season 1.


  • New MP Maps:
    • Rust – The classic map returns! A small map for fast-paced combat, Rust brings the battle to an oil yard in the middle of the desert. The site of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission, “Endgame”, may be just that for players who don’t learn the tricks to master this arid field of play. Utilize the environment for cover and grab the high ground and low ground to take advantage of your enemies.
    • Atlas Superstore – Go shopping in Atlas Superstore, a new Multiplayer map that takes place in a supercenter warehouse that has been taken over by Al-Qatala forces. Battle in dense lanes of traffic, over fallen shelving, and throughout the shipping, receiving, and employee-only areas. Clean up on aisle six!
  • New Ground War Map:
    • Zhokov Boneyard – A resting place for discarded airplane parts, Zhokov Boneyard is a Ground War map in Verdansk. Traipse through this airplane junk yard and avoid the turbulence of the enemy team while capturing your objectives.
  • New Gunfight Maps:
    • Bazaar – A tightly contained cross-section of the streets of Urzikstan is turned into a battleground in Bazaar. Experience the tension-filled Gunfight while navigating a new zone of combat. The randomized Gunfight loadouts all have a chance to shine as the maps symmetrical layout offers opportunities for big moments and epic plays.
  • New MP Modes:
    • Gunfight Tournament – Enter this single elimination 2v2 firefight and battle to earn rewards. 32 teams will enter, but only one can be crowned Gunfight Tournament champion. Gunfight Tournaments will be live for a limited time.
  • CDL Playlist – Fight like the pros in this Call of Duty League ruleset playlist. In this playlist, the settings and available weapons, maps, and modes have been altered, so you can battle like the best of ‘em. Get a look at the complete Call of Duty League ruleset here, then jump into the playlist.
    • CDL Playlist
  • New Operator:
    • Ghost
  • New Weapons:
    • Grau 5.56
    • Striker 45


  • New MP Map:
    • Khandor Hideout
  • New Operators:
    • Talon
    • Mace
  • New MP Modes:
    • Infected Ground War – An outbreak has occurred in Ground War. Join up with your fellow Survivors to hold off the Infected horde until the time expires. Infected players will have limited loadouts but increased movement abilities, so be wary of their crafty play. If you do get infected, attack with the horde to assault and takedown any remaining Survivors in a large-scale match of Infected.
    • NVG Reinforce – Battle under the cover of darkness in the NVG Reinforce playlist. Reinforce is a hybrid objective mode that blends elements of Domination with Search & Destroy.
    • Gunfight Variants
    • Demolition – Similar to Search and Destroy, this respawn mode pits two teams against each other with the objective of attacking or destroying bomb sites. The attacking team must destroy both bomb sites within the time limit to win the round. Decimating one bomb site adds to your time. Destroy, defend, and be mindful of explosives in Demolition.
  • New Weapon:
    • Classified

PS4 players to get exclusive Weapon Blueprint in Modern Warfare Season 2

The PlayStation Blog has posted an article providing a similar overview to Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that we’ve got here, but they also have listed out the PlayStation 4 exclusive content pieces in this Season.

Since the game’s launch, Special Ops Survival mode has been exclusive to PlayStation 4 players. The mode will remain exclusive until October 1, 2020.

With Season 2, Azhir Cave is being added as the newest Special Ops Survival map!

Enter the desert wasteland of Azhir Cave to battle waves of opponents. The layout of Azhir Cave gives players different ways to experience the match and fight for Survival. Take to the cave to smoke out enemies, set traps, and block and control entry points. Or, players can find the high ground on the southwest of the map near the Coalition spawn in Multiplayer and try and funnel enemies to the valley below for easier eliminations. Discover the new ways to experience Azhir Cave while battling in Survival.

In addition, PS4 players will also get access to an exclusive Weapon Blueprint with Season 2: Lucky Strike.

A Legendary LMG Blueprint can be earned through an exclusive mission. Similar to Season One’s Jack Frosty Blueprint, navigate to the Missions tab in Barracks and activate the Lucky Strike mission. Complete each step of a multi-step challenges to earn XP along the way to adding the Lucky Strike to your arsenal.

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