CoD MW Crossplay - Is it working????

I haven’t had the chance to get a GRG PS4 member in my lobby yet so I can’t confirm if PS4 - XBox is working. When I enable cross play I’m only seeing PC and XBox gamers. I have not seen any PS4 gamers yet which is odd as there is a ton.

Has anyone seen a PS4 - XBox lobby yet???

I see your details… says your at the main menu but I dont have the option to Join or Invite you

I have not seen any PS4 players in my lists yet either.

Ya I havent seen any ps4 players yet only PC

I have seen both xbox and PS4 while playing on PC. Cant remember if they were in the same game or not

I played about 6 games earlier and I’m pretty sure every lobby was PS4 only, even though I have crossplay enabled.

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I was on earlier as well and the entire lobbies were all PS4. When I played the other night tho I was in with xbox and pc.

That’s what I thought. I didn’t see any PS4 people and I couldn’t invite any on my list. Shame we didn’t get to try that out.

Oh well, we will get together at at launch.

are you looking at gamertags / psn names because the crossplay is going to involve getting people activision id and addding them that way

This was playing Ground war on PC. There were PS4 and Xbox together.
I just dont know if it was because I was on PC. Will check on Xbox later to confirm

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No matter how many games of Ground War I jumped in and out of on Xbox there was no PS4 labeled in the lobby. Now either console to console doesnt work (which wouldnt make sense cuz it happens on PC), The Xbox looks for Xbox first before anything else (maybe), Its a bug (possibly) or the console just cant recognize the different connections as well as a PC can (now I’m guessing)

I figure it looks for same console first.
Also, if anyone had a cross-platform party going, then that would impact those lobbies.