Cloudflare issue (Discord)

Just a note that Cloudflare appears to be having issues (I hear they did recently too).

It has had the effect of taking Discord servers offline, along with a whole bunch of other stuff.
Including my work’s customer ticket portal.


Wasn’t me. If anything breaks its because @Lala_Calamari touched something.

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I just like to see you scramble and sweat.

BTW, make sure to send pics when you do.

Also, this is the 2nd time Cloudflare has had issues in a week. And it’s affecting more than just discord.

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I was only pointing it out to you cause the tech guy! Lol

Couldn’t be bothered to find out what else exactly.
That’s the kind of half-assery you have to expect of Staff.

Give me a break. My reading comprehension skills diminish greatly while I’m editing the ReaperCast. The fact that I can even keep my eyes open is a feat in and of itself.

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BTW, happy GRG cake day.


Oh I meant me when I referred to Staff.

Edit: I would refer to you by a much longer title filled with adjectives than just “Staff”.

LOl, i just like throwing Lala under the bus every chance i get.