Clever into title


Hey everyone, thanks for the invite! I look forward to gaming with everyone. I am a 38 year old husband and father from outside Chicago, with 3 terrors pretending to be daughters, so I mainly game for stress relief. I suck at PVP (I have old man thumbs) so generally stick to PVE.

Thanks again!


Man, aside from location I could have written this. What platforms you on bud?



Welcome aboard.


Welcome Conan!

@rabb, he’s a buddy of mine and is strictly Xbox



Will shoot you a request.

Edit: wrathofconan your GT?


welcome to the community


Wrath of Conan, with spaces. Thanks @Rabb.


Thanks @sjam613, glad to be here.


Thanks @Grex love the profile pic. Im a huge fallout fan, although not as much after 76 lol



What are you playing on Xbox? COD and Destiny 2 are both big here but a number of other titles besides.


Welcome to the club man. Im on the ps4 side of grg but the xbox side will treat you good. Lots of activity there


Welcome to GRG.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome, I know you play destiny, let’s try to group up this week…also destiny tourney next week, raid night Saturday and of course community night tonight




Welcome to GRG!

I added you to my friends list and also sent an invite to our XBox Club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari


Welcome aboard


If you play Destiny make sure to join our Clan, it’s very active and you should never have an issue getting a fireteam going.





Welcome to GRG!