Clans / Guilds / Alliances - Admin List


It occurred to me that it isn’t always easy asking to be added to an in-game clan or guild, in part because you don’t know who the admins/officers/whatever are.

So, this list is intended to do just that.

Please comment below for any missing information.
I am sure there are gaps.

Only GRG clans/guilds should be listed.

Game Platform Guild Name Admin / Overlord / CEO Officers / Admins / Staff Misc
Destiny 2 PS4 / PC Grim Reaper Gamers sjam613 SoInZane, unobtainaballs n/a
Destiny 2 Xbox GrimReaper Gamers Lala Calamari valiantvictory, Grex n/a
Elder Scrolls Online PS4 SoInZane Alliance = Aldmeri Dominion
Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Lala Calamari
TERA Xbox Grim Gamers Grex Server = Vesporax (PvP)
TERA PS4 G Reaper Gamers unobtainaballs SoInZane, rabb, TwistedGunsmith Server = Dracoloth (PvE)
The Division 2 Xbox GrimReaperGamer Lala Calamari - N/A
The Division 2 PS4 - - - N/A


All the talk of clans in The Divison 2 reminded me of this.

Let us know if there are any other clans/groups to add to the table and a Staff member can add.