Changes Coming to Craglorn in The Elder Scrolls Online's Next Update

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is approaching Update 12. Although there are some quality of life additions and changes, the main attraction of this upcoming patch is a massive overhaul to Craglorn, which should bring a smile to trophy hunters’ faces.

The jist:

  • The entire questline will now be able to be completed by solo players and by all players.
  • Craglorn, and every other zone in the game after the One Tamriel update, will automatically level your characters to match the difficulty of the content.
  • Puzzles that originally required two or more players can now be completed solo.
  • No longer will your character get attacked by and die to a swarm of vicious wasps as soon as you leave the village.
  • All levels can enter Craglorn, investigate the disappearance of the constellations, and uncover the Celestial threat to Tamriel.
  • Entire main story can now be completed by solo players, who will be rewarded with a Nirnhoned weapon or armor piece.points.

In addition to this, “the overland content, the daily quests, and the dungeons in Craglorn” have been adjusted, too. Repeatable quests that needed a group of players to complete certain puzzles have been reworked to be doable solo, although the developer emphasizes that most of the content aside from the specifically-reworked quests are still best played with a group.

There are some small updates to quest indicators:

  • Improved quest indicators in your quest tracker, quest announcement message, and on your compass.
  • A group icon will appear next to the quest name in both the quest announcement message and the quest tracker to tell you if a quest is meant to be played solo or in a group.
  • A blue repeatable quest icon displays in the compass and in the game world prior to bestowal if the quest is repeatable.

As well as the update, the game has been confirmed to be appearing on the Playstation 4 Pro. Check out some gameplay footage from that version of the title in glorious 4K:

The update will be aptly titled “Return to Craglorn.” Although there is no release date for the update yet, or even a release window, we’ll be sure to let you know when we have more information.

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