Chances of getting the reapercast in a audio version for ipods and MP3 players

Ok it maybe a shot in the dark but i’d like to raise the idea of The reapercast in a audio version. I work 3rd shift and most nights I’ve got my earbuds in listening to my favorite podcasts on my Ipod as I work. what is everyones opinion on the podcast on iTunes or a mp3 format. so all the reapers can listen to the cast on the go if they want, and I think it could also be used as a way to spread the word about our community here on another medium. just putting it out there for everyone to sound off and see what the response is.


This is actually being looked into. There are a few things to work out with it, but it’s definitely been a topic of discussion. Feel free to toss any ideas out for segments/thoughts on what might help improve and expand the cast!

I would be def be interested.


This is something we are actually looking into. I will start converting soon. I think I need to find a decent host for the podcasts. I will work on that this week.

I’ve also been toying around with the idea of an audio only podcast from GRG. It’s one of the things I’ve been debating on doing.

Also, if you feckers want to be on the Reapercast as a member spotlight, hit up @Disneynut68 and get booked. We’re always looking for new suckers… I mean new blood.

Are we trying to make people purposely drive their car off the road? Not good for membership.


I’ll do whatever it takes to get an open road!

look into soundcloud. a lot of podcasts go on there and if ppl dont want to download it, they can stream it using the app.

I’m dicking around with plugins to work with the podcast. I did convert the last 2 to audio only.